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The First Blockchain
Venture Studio

Only 8888 survive

What are Zombsteins?

Apocalypse. Armageddon. Ragnarok. There are countless names for the doomsday event that can only be described as complete destruction.

We know it by another name: 2032.

Massive imbalances in the earth’s magnetic field wreaked havoc on the planet. Natural disasters, violent movements in tectonic plates, and highly-radioactive solar flares quickly killed off most of the world’s population.

Only 8,888 survived the chaos, although not entirely human they all share a common genetic variation we now call the RZ6-Gene. Just before a giant solar flare wiped out most of mankind, a team of the Earth’s top scientists were able to pinpoint the source of these disturbances to a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. Dead but alive, the survivors must race to their only hope of survival: Zombstein Country Club on Undead Island. Will they make it in time to save the earth from complete destruction?

Get your Zombsteins now!

A collection 8888 unique NFTs that serve as your membership to the Zombstein Country Club.


The Opportunity To Work With Our Venture Studio

Get direct access to a team of experienced developers and designers through our venture studio. We'll select the most promising projects and help take them from an idea to a fully built and validated product.

Exclusive Invitations

Members only IRL events and community meetups. Monthly dinners in LA, Big events in Miami and London, and even a private island party are on the list.

Discord Comunity

Join a private social community aiming to craft a better future through blockchain and Web3 innovation. Open to passionate experts from all fields.

Use Your Voice

A seat at the table with developers, designers, artists, and entrepreneurs building the next wave of technology. You'll get to see up close what innovative technology is being built.

Claim a Zombie Pet or Baby

Yes, even the undead get lonely sometimes. Solution? Get a companion! Every zombie will be able to claim a zombstein companion.

Community Fund

Vote on and help select what member projects we should invest in. A percentage of minting profits will be allocated towards the community fund.


Phase 1

Applications open for the first round of community funded projects

Submit you're project to become a Zombstein funded and supported project. Open to projects in all stages, whether you're still in the idea page or already have an MVP you can apply to receive an investment and support from our venture studio.

First round of community funded projects will be selected

Once the initial projects are selected we'll move into the research and development phase.

Phase 2

Zombstein babies or Zombstein pets?

We can't decide between zombstein babies or pets, we'll take vote and let the community decide what's a better addition to the ZCC ecosystem.

First IRL event exclusively for ZCC holders

Real events that allow us to network and hangout in a way that's just not possible online. Miami, Los Angeles, London? You'll have to wait and see.

Phase 3

Fully customized mobile application exclusively for Zombstein holders.

A private place to network and connect on a personal and professional level. We'll provide all the tools to bring our community closer on a day to day basis.

Opportunity to receive LIFE tokens

Members who participate in the community and beta testing programs will be able to claim LIFE tokens on a weekly basis. The LIFE token will be launched at a later TBA date.

Party on a private island

We’ll host the biggest NFT party ever held on a private island.

Become a part of the Zombstein Club!